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Pat Haptonstall was born in Cedaredge, Colorado, in
1943. His natural talent and artistic eye manifested
themselves at an early age. By the time he was six
years old, he was already spending much of his time
drawing. As a young boy, he suffered from asthma,
so his parents moved the family to Prescott, Arizona,
hoping that the climate would help improve his
health. At age sixteen, Haptonstall won a statewide
competition and received the Arizona Scholastic Art
Exhibit Award. Thus began his life of artistic pursuits.

For twelve years, Haptonstall worked at foundries
around Prescott, learning the technical aspects of
creating a bronze. As an artist, however, he was
largely self-taught through his own observations and
the study of past masters. Haptonstall continuously
sought to hone his sculpting skills and achieve both
technical and spiritual perfection in his work. When
Haptonstall was once asked to describe the process
that he used to select his subjects, he said,
“Sometimes I spend more time working on an idea
than on the piece that results. I might think about it
for two years before a way to do it in a fresh, distinct
way comes to mind.”

By 1980, Haptonstall began to pursue his art full
time. He became a member of the Cowboy Artists of
America in 1986. In 1987, the CAA asked for a
volunteer to create a new awards medal, and
Haptonstall accepted the challenge. The medal he
designed is still being presented annually at the CAA
show in gold and silver as awards for the two best
pieces in each medium.

Haptonstall himself received a silver medal at his first
CAA show for his bronze entitled, Settlin’ the Dust. In
1993, he received a gold medal for Simple
Pleasures. He was an active member of the Cowboy
Artists of America for eight years. During that time,
Haptonstall served on a number of committees,
participated in all the CAA shows, and attended
every Trail Ride but one.