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    If your email is a request for the current value of a piece of art, please note that we
    are unable to provide appraisals of any type, even when requested on a Pat
    Haptonstall piece.

    Typically homeowner's insurance policies will provide for "contents." This includes
    everything in your house - books, photos, computers, furniture and art.  If you feel
    the total contents in your home, including precious items (art, jewelry, and furs)
    exceed the amount specified in your policy, then you need to get a rider for "fine
    arts.” Insurance companies will require an appraisal for any "fine art" listed on a rider.

    Professional appraisers cannot legally appraise any item they have not personally
    inspected. Therefore, in order to obtain a valid appraisal, the work must be seen in
    person by a professional; photographs will not suffice. There is some good
    information on the Internet regarding many artists' work, so it should be fairly easy
    to compute an approximate value.  If that value exceeds the amount of insurance
    you currently have, then you would do well to pay to get it professionally appraised.
    You may locate an appraiser in your local Yellow Pages, by contacting a gallery or
    museum in your area or for help online contact the American Society of Appraisers.
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